Chantal Forfota, MD (she/her)
General Adult Psychiatrist, Director
San Francisco and San Rafael

Dr. Chantal Forfota provides individual psychotherapy and medication management to adults and seniors. Dr. Forfota views mental health as psychological, emotional and intellectual balance, and seeks to assist individuals on their paths toward greater self-knowledge and fulfillment. Dr. Forfota’s approach is attentive, collaborative and individualized. She draws from contemporary humanistic, psychoanalytic and Jungian sources, as well as up-to-date psychopharmacological practices. Dr. Forfota’s interests include working with those facing mood and anxiety disorders, issues of young adulthood and individuation (such as identity, career and relationship development), cross-cultural concerns, major life transitions, reproductive choices, trauma, grief, and medical illnesses. Dr. Forfota graduated college with distinction in literature from Yale University. She received an MA in comparative literature from UCLA prior to attending medical school at Stanford University. She has a particular interest in medical humanities and how they augment the practice of psychiatry. Dr. Forfota completed her residency in psychiatry at San Mateo County.