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Initial consultations

In the initial one-hour appointment, our clinicians start to learn about patients’ challenges, values, and goals surrounding mental health. We listen carefully to understand what brings someone to treatment so that we can tailor an individualized treatment plan. It typically takes several sessions to complete an assessment, clarify diagnoses, and present professional recommendations.

Medication management

Psychiatric medication can be an important tool in treating the symptoms of mental illness. Our psychiatrists stay up to date on the best practices for safe and effective prescribing. We explain medication recommendations clearly and work with patients to minimize side effects.

Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is typically a weekly therapeutic conversation designed to increase the client’s capacity to meet life’s challenges. All our providers are trained in multiple psychotherapy techniques that identify obstacles and build on personal strengths. Some of these approaches include psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based psychotherapy. We choose methods that suit each patient’s preferences and needs.

Couples and family therapy

Healthy relationships and family dynamics are central to our well-being. We work with families and partners to increase understanding, resolve conflicts, improve communication, and deepen connections.

Second opinion consultation

Given the nuances of mental health treatment, it can be beneficial to get a second opinion to clarify diagnoses and identify new treatment possibilities. Our providers can meet with you to review your treatment history and coordinate with your care team to provide fresh recommendations.

Group therapy

Group therapy provides a chance to connect with other people facing similar challenges. Baywell is continually developing new group therapy offerings to fit the needs of our patients. Current and past groups have focused on mindfulness, sleep, climate anxiety, relaxation exercises, and emotional regulation.

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Ketamine treatment

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication used for the treatment of depression. Baywell is a REMS-certified site, and we offer in-office, provider-guided ketamine sessions, which last 2-3 hours.

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