Telehealth Office

Welcome to our Telehealth Office

At Baywell, we offer telehealth for established patients if it is appropriate for their care.  If you are an established patient at Baywell and would like to participate in a telehealth consultation with your doctor, please follow these instructions:

Step 1) Speak with your doctor about whether telehealth is the best choice for your treatment, the risks and the benefits of video conference consultations.

Step 2) With your doctor, please review and sign a Baywell Telehealth Consent form.

Step 3) Prior to your session, click on your doctor’s Waiting Room below, so you can test your device. When you are in the waiting room, your computer or phone will prompt you to download and install the Zoom application.

Step 4) Once your session begins, you will then be prompted to choose between computer or phone audio. If you wish to hear the conversation over the phone, you’ll be given the dial-in information. Be sure to start your video feed so you can see your doctor.

If you need help, please call our office at 415-922-9122 and our receptionists will assist you. Here is a link to Zoom’s FAQ page, which may also answer your questions.

The Zoom software used by Baywell is HIPAA-compliant to protect your privacy and security in accordance with federal privacy laws. For more information about Zoom’s HIPAA compliant platform, please click here:

Please find your doctor’s waiting room below.

Timothy Ando, MDDr. Ando's Waiting Room
Carson Brown, MDDr. Brown's Waiting Room
Elizabeth Bruns, MDDr. Bruns' Waiting Room
Jessica Ellinoy, MDDr. Ellinoy's Waiting Room
Inti Flores, MDDr. Flores's Waiting Room
Chantal Forfota, MDDr. Forfota's Waiting Room
Jaimie Goralnick, MDDr. Goralnick's Waiting Room
Mariel Herbert, MDDr. Herbert's Waiting Room
Robbie Joseph, MDDr. Joseph's Waiting Room
Loong Kwok, PsyDDr. Kwok's Waiting Room
Farhan Ladhani, MDDr. Ladhani's Waiting Room
Stella Lefevre, PsyDDr. Lefevre's Waiting Room
Desiree Li, MDDr. Li's Waiting Room
Gemma Lopez, MDDr. Lopez's Waiting Room
Shannon Moore-Langston, MDDr. Moore-Langston's Waiting Room
Iona Machado, MDDr. Machado's Waiting Room
Kerry-Ann Pinard, MDDr. Pinard's Waiting Room
Olesya Pokorna, MDDr. Pokorna's Waiting Room
Christina Toutoungi, MDDr. Toutoungi's Waiting Room
Adrienne van Nieuwenhuizen, MDDr. Van Nieuwenhuizen's Waiting Room
Rebecca Watters, MDDr. Watters' Waiting Room