Essential Mindfulness Training

Comments from Former EMT Students

We have been teaching EMT since Fall 2013. We are proud to report that the following student comments are representative of the written feedback we have received from well over 150 students since that time.

I am thoroughly impressed with how much I learned in this class over 8 weeks. I feel a lot of growth in myself. I feel more kind, compassionate (to others and myself), patient and loving. I have felt this power in going inwards which has allowed me to grasp more meaning and purpose in my life.
-Megumi F.

Rob was a delightful combination of casual and self-effacing with clear deep knowledge and experience.
— Will F.

Superb! Rob was totally committed to us. He was always present and approachable. His check-in emails were extremely appreciated.
Danielle M

I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the class. There is always a lot of pressure for me to talk in my day to day life. Here I was able to come and listen and be silent and that felt okay. Which I really appreciated.
— G.

I so appreciated the life skills I’ve learned in this class, and the ability to deal with sometimes difficult/anxious situations in a more mindful way. I’m just all around more relaxed/less tense.
— anon.

Rob was an incredible instructor – kind, generous, and super well prepared. I really appreciate the time he took to answer my questions after class. …. This class is a perfect complement to my therapy and EMDR, and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to take it again.
Katherine J.