Iona Machado, MD (she/her)
General Adult Psychiatrist
San Mateo

I partner with my patients to establish and achieve wellness goals toward a life led with intention, richness, and meaning. My practice serves adults through psychotherapy and medication management, focusing on developing insight into our ways of being and empowering choice. I focus on the anxieties we harbor, often unknown to us, that may both protect and trap us, and how to navigate that paradox to allow ourselves greater freedom. My therapeutic style is psychodynamically-informed with particular attention to culture and identity, relationships and belonging, and healing from trauma, including intergenerational trauma. My academic and clinical interests also include immigration-related issues, women’s wellness, and global mental health, with experiences in Brazil, Guatemala, Germany, Greece, and South Korea. In collaboration with Stanford University and local affiliates, I also interview and provide written testimony for survivors of violence from countries around the world seeking legal status in the United States. I received my bachelor’s and medical degrees from Cornell and Columbia University respectively, and completed psychiatry residency at Stanford University.